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Mind-Body Medicine advocate, Mindfulness, Transpersonal Health & Wellness - Dav Panesar


A psycho-spiritual guide to optimising personal and transpersonal health and wellness
Human potential is divinity itself
Mindfulness reduces stress, anxiety and depression
Pioneering mindfulness based health intervention since 1995
Mindfulness, your path to self-compassion and wellbeing
Authenticity is the hall mark of meditation
Stillness of body, silence of mind, spaciousness of awareness
Know death waits like a falcon ready to swoop upon you!


Transforming Health

What do we mean by health?
When you think of health, is health just about your body, nutrition, going to the gym, exercising and keeping oneself free from disease?
Looking at the symptoms, you will miss the cause. A mindful approach
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Transforming Individuals

What is transpersonal health and wellness and why is it necessary?
Without transpersonal health, your precious jewel of life, will be lost in exchange of a worthless shell. To have lived and not know who or what you are, is the biggest tragedy
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Transforming Communities

Dav has been engaged in community development for over 30 years. His innovative work on creating self-sustaining holistic health and wellness community resources proceeds his ground-breaking work on community development plans in 1997, that laid the foundational path for community capacity development across the UK
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Workshops, Courses & Retreats

The OX Herder – Session 9

23 June 2018
The Ox-Herder, a Zen & Taoist approach to self-development & self-actualisation with Right-Mindfulness, psychotherapy and self-development techniques.
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Qi Rattan – Mens Retreat

23-25th February 2018
Qi-Rattan present “Mens retreat Level I” .
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MBi Mindfulness Based Intervention – 8 week course-

28th October 2018
Our “MBi is a Mindfulness based Intervention course designed to provides an experiential understanding and practical learning of right-mindfulness and its intervention for stress, anxiety or depression.
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The Metta Retreat®

21-23 Sept 2018
A unique and powerful retreat with mindfulness & self compassion, designed for its profound healing impact on our health & well being.
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Transforming Life through Mindfulness Retreat

18-21st October 2018
This engaging and transformational retreat offers the participants physical rest, psychological and emotional wellbeing,
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A Mindful Path to Spiritual Intelligence Retreat

24-26 Aug 2018
An enlightening and transformative retreat designed to help you discover the sacred within.
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Courses (MBSR, MBCT & MBi)

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Mindfulness Classes

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Mindfulness & Metta Retreats

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Transpersonal Health & Wellness Retreats

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Gurmat Retreats

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