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National mindfulness events

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National mindfulness events

In 2013, Dav together with Pushy Sanghera and members of the Flame, worked to create national mindfulness events focusing on cultivating social mental health and wellbeing.

Following the resounding success of the first event in 2013, Mindfulness & Coventry Cathedral, introducing mindfulness and its impact on health and mind-body science was a watershed moment.

It was ground breaking in several ways.
Challenging the current inadequate biomedical model of health, demonstrating mind-body science and medicine.
Introducing a Buddhist meditation technique, at a world renowned Anglian cathedral delivered by a turban and beard wearing Sikh, was transformative in dissolving barriers by placing health and wellbeing at its center.

2014 saw the second event, Mindfulness & Self-compassion at Coventry Cathedral, the event integrated two of the most powerful healing techniques, Mindfulness and Compassion based therapies.

This innovative event provided a unique opportunity to participate in pioneering mindfulness and compassion based approaches to human health and wellbeing.

The event includes case studies, live music and an open presentation, with expert psychologists Eduardo Pitchon, which integrates contemplative practices of mindfulness and compassion with clinical evidence, cutting edge scientific research, psychology and experiential case-studies; demonstrating their enormous and overwhelming health benefits and cultivation of authenticity and personal transformation.

The event was led by experts in the fields psychotherapy and positive psychology Eduardo Pitchon and Dav Panesar specialist in the fields of mindfulness & compassion based approaches to health & wellbeing.

2015 event Mindfulness & Neuroscience at Coventry Cathedral brought an event that bridged science and mindfulness meditation. DR Amy Bilderbeck from Oxford University shared how neurology and neuroplasticity, newest and fastest growing areas in the science of meditation showed how meditation not only changes our mind but also our physical brain and much more.

The event was led by experts in the fields of neuroscience by Dr Amy Bilderbeck from Oxford University and in Mindfulness and Compassion based therapies by Dav Panesar.

2016 event Mindfulness & Personal Transformation at Coventry Cathedral focused on mindfulness in relation to personal transformation and the contra-indications associated with meditation, combining scientific research, psychology and experiential case studies

The event included expert speaker Dr Miguel Farias who specializes in the study of spiritual practices and beliefs. He has a doctorate in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University, an MA on the Study of Religious Experience from the University of Wales, and currently leads the Brain, Belief, and Behaviour Group at Coventry University. He is the co-author of ‘The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change You?”, a book that explores and challenges ideas about the benefits of meditation and Dav Panesar, one of the pioneers of mindfulness based intervention in health and personal development, will explore the process of personal transformation, side effects associated with mindfulness as well as the growth indicators

2017 plans to bring us Mindfulness & Spiritual Intelligence.