Mindfulness & Spirituality.

Mindfulness, the universal and authentic path to spiritual intelligence

Mindfulness, known as Samma sati, Smritti, Symran or Dhyan is now part of the modern western culture, taught as therapy, in schools, university courses, degrees and within businesses. Mindfulness is here to stay, and with mindfulness comes the path to personal spirituality.

Mindfulness or Dhyan is commonly known as the royal path to spirituality, as it is foundational in most consciousness based Indic traditions of the Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus.
Mindfulness was a term coined by western scholars and medics, to overcome the religious connotations with the word meditation. Mindfulness is a more palatable term for meditation, in line with the sensitivities of those within the Abrahamic traditions.

Religion has become a taboo subject in Western society as a result of the continuous stream of reports on human and child abuses carried out by those associated with Judeo-Christian religions and protected by their authority figures.

Trust and security is collapsing in these societies. In a time when their Governments have been found to be corrupt, lying to their voters to initiate bogus wars, bailing out the corporates at the expense of the ordinary person; Where their religious leaders have been implicated in child sex abuse cases; Their banks and financial institutions have blatantly stolen the wealth from their populations. In this time of distrust, insecurity and change, it is inevitable that people will seek out security, reassurance and meaning.
Mindfulness meditation provides an opportunity to find security, assurance and meaning not by seeking it outside, but through practice discovering it within.

“Spirituality” is ultimately self-discovery and self-knowledge. Mindfulness practiced under the guidance of an experienced teacher will inevitably lead you to know your self, to move beyond the conditioned ego and experience states and stages of consciousness and finally lead to the recognition of “Sacred self”, knowing experientially, you are thou and thou are you.
Spiritual intelligence is the activation and cultivation of qualities and capabilities of the authentic self (embodied consciousness) in the form of wisdom, contentment, compassion, integrity, joy, love, gratitude, creativity, and peace.

Meditation leads to contentment and inner peace, contentment leads to positive psychological states, positive psychological states lead to engagement, engagement leads to relationships, relationships lead to meaning and purpose.

Meditation (mindfulness) is the royal path to our sacred self.