Thoughts creating reality – 3 principles

Mindfulness at its heart is based on the recognition of the three simple principles through which every human being experiences life and the quality of that life experienced in moment to moment unfolding.

The modern world is obsessed by the body, with little attention given to the internal subjective experience of being human. The common notion is that life is something that is happening to us, and not something that is happening through us. However, through the cultivation of mindfulness, one comes to the profound understanding the role our mind, thoughts and consciousness play in creating our experience of life.

• Antakarana (Chitta): This is the energy of creation both as formless and as form

• Thought (Maan) : The capacity to create form from formless energy.

• Consciousness (Jot, Pursha,) : The awareness of the process of creation, and of what we have created.

Human experience unfolds moment to moment, and every moment is new, every moment is pregnant with the potential to create a new experience. The experience exists in the moment of now, and the moment of now is all that we exist within.

The power of your thoughts: Your thoughts are the foundation of your experiences, feelings and behaviour. Your current experience is whatever is on your mind at this moment. If you have thoughts of anger and resentment, your experience will be hostile and insecure. Every thought created within your mind manifests as “reality” through your senses at the moment it enters your mind

As the senses are informed by the thought, they generate a corresponding feeling, which is experienced in the body as a sensation moment by moment. For example, thoughts about a quarrel are likely to generate feelings as anger which may be felt in the abdomen or jaws as tightness (an uncomfortable experience), while thoughts about self-image and self-doubt would generate feelings of fear, inadequate and uncomfortable.

The principles empower people with the knowledge that through thought+consciousness, people have the innate ability, the inherent power, to neutralize the reality of circumstances within their
own minds, to come to peace with the past, to see the pathway to resolution of any life situation as an internal experience

When people see the principles, they see that there is no “abnormal” at the level of thought creation because mind-thought-consciousness is the natural and inevitable flow of creation,

With each change in thought, there is a corresponding change in the experienced reality of the thinker of that thought. When people see the one-to-one link between thought and experience,
they gain perspective on life