Gurmat – Practical Self Realisation

The ancient wisdom traditions of Indian civilization have undertaken the most profound examination of the human mind and consciousness.

This book introduces Gurmat, one of the most advanced psycho-spiritual and wellbeing systems to emerge from the east. Its approach addressing human suffering, self-actualisation, self-realisation and self-sovereignty.

Gurmat makes an important contribution to the science of psychological studies, psychophysiology, mental health and provides a perennial form of healing which includes the realisation of the eternal, limitless sacred nature of the Self beyond the confines of the ego-complex (haumai). It complements the health systems of Buddhist psychology or Abidharam, Yoga and Aryuveda.

In contrast to the highly evolved Eastern psychological systems, Western psychology is relatively primitive in its approach to cultivation of psychological health and wellbeing; let alone what lies beyond the ego. The current biomedical model is distorted and incorrect, founded on mind-body separation, without any real understanding of the nature of mind nor consciousness.

Gurmat, provides a refreshing, time tested and subjectively verified  insight into non-eurocentric models of the mind, consciousness and practical approaches to cultivate, maintain and propagate healthier, integrated and purposeful lifestyles.

This book represents a valuable contribution to the science of holism, health and wellness, and will be of great value not only to health care professionals and psychologists, but also to those individuals who are interested in their own evolution and development.

Gurmat – Practical Self Realisation  available July 2017

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