Witnessing a national transpersonal experience – an awakening!

Suffering becomes the medicine, when complacency is the disease

In the first two months of Spring 2017, the UK population has encountered a train of seismic events, each greater than the previous, that have impacted each and everyone in one way or another.
Bombings, knife attacks, elections, leaders and politicians failing and falling before our very eyes, the facade around Brexit, the devastating fire at  Grenfell Tower that has claimed the lives of many people, destroyed families, communities and stunned the nation into stopping!

STOP ! Is the first step to break the automatic pattern and recognise that we have the capacity of awareness and ability to direct it. And what do begin to see

Our lack of awareness, and subsequent ignorance had directed our attention, our focus as manifesting desires which are believed to be our priorities. These priorities tend to focused on wealth, relationships, status in society and communities and possessions. The stark suffering that is being beamed into the hands and screen across the world, have triggered a chain reaction that is growing, from shock to disbelief, which is fast becoming anger, anger towards those that allowed such conditions to prevail, that such a tragedy was just a matter of time.

Our previous priorities has conditioned our states of being, (thoughts, emotions, sensations and motivation) towards objects that have names and forms, that gave rise to emotional feelings, fueled by ever increasing desire for our objects forming attachments that blind us. Our awareness is focused, in fact trapped and confined into a narrow channel to the exclusion of all else. However, the collective human suffering being witnessed so close to home, in one of the richest and secure countries in the world, has slapped the UK population awake!

OBSERVE! This is the second stage, to bring your attention to your thoughts based of the information from your senses, the information, the pictures, the human grief, using all this information to witness, to notice your own response, noticing the discomfort, sitting with the pain, and allow the healing power of compassion to flower, for yourself and others.

BREATHE! Taking some time to breathe, to know the experience of life, to know your ability to create, to do what is “right” for you. Self empowerment

EXPAND! Suffering is the common human thread that each and every one of us wishes to be free from. White we can not healing anyone else, we can begin with ourselves by wishing well for all those we share Existence with. May they be happy, may they be healthy, may they be peaceful, may they be safe .

The UK population has began to awaken to their situation, ignorance is being replace with information, knowledge and understanding. The wonderful acceptance and respect for integrity in Jeremy Corbyn demonstrated the first major wave of awaking, and it was by those not being conditioned and held in mental prisons created, maintained and reinforced by the main stream media, the news papers and major channels.  The Grenfell Tower fire colossal tragedy has left the nation reeling in pain and reflection. Once we wake up to a dream, its very difficult to go back to the dream. The dream is over for the like of Theresa May and those those engineering these dramas in dreams to keep the masses locked in their psycho-prisons.

When ignorance is our disease, suffering wakes us up and becomes the medicine. From the medicine of suffering awakens compassion, medicine for not just us, but for each and every other form that we share this moment of time and space in this ever present Existence.