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Mindfulness is the catalyst in transforming the current, outdated, reductionist and scientific-materialist western worldview towards a new holistic paradigm that is emerging as the cultivation and expression of spiritual intelligence.

The current view according to scientific materialism defines human beings as composed of atoms, chemicals, and biological structures, where life is devoid of any other purpose and meaning, but engaged in the endless pursuit and accumulation of wealth, prestige, status and materials. The scientific materialist worldview has caused huge damage to the population in the developed world with symptoms of loneliness, alienation, abandonment, internal conflict, aimlessness existence, not to mention the exponential growth in anxiety, depression, stress, self-harm in children and the inevitable result in cases of cancer, diabetes type II, CVD, Parkinsons, the list goes no.

Despite the prevalent materialist worldview, the good news is thats its dying and the collapse in underway right before our eyes. This outdated and destructive paradigm is being superseded by the spiritual intelligence paradigm, as the next stage in the evolution of collective consciousness of humanity.

Mindfulness has enabled people to experience Presence, and recognise while they have a mind (ego), they are not the content of their mind, i.e ego. Mindfulness is the cultivation of Presence, a shift of our identity from object-oriented awareness (Manmukh according to Gurmat) towards subject-orientated awareness (Gurmukh). This has liberated many from the prisons of their conditioning, including their beliefs, self image and automated behavior, towards discovering their authentic sense of self, authenticity.

Authenticity is cultivated through mindfulness. Spiritual intelligence emerges from authenticity. Spiritual intelligence, is the heart of Gurmat. It is the integration of emotional and spiritual intelligence with Presence.

What to learn more about Spiritual Intelligence and Mindfulness, join us on the 14th October 2017 at Coventry Cathedral for the International event, mindfulness and spiritual intelligence.

Mindfulness and Spiritual Intelligence

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