Samsara – The fantasy of modern life reality

Just take a moment to look around, why are you here? what is the point of your FINITE life, you “arrive” in this world through no real choice of your own, your innocence is corrupted, polluted and destroyed through your conditioning from religions, culture, language, education, parenting and society.

From your very moment you gain some sense of self, you are sold through every channel of communication the ultimate reality, a reality based on wealth, youth, beauty, success, wealth, power and status, and if that wasn’t enough, you can now create your own “virtual” realities. These “realities” are packaged, marketed and sold to the masses by those in positions of influence and power.

These realities are now the global norm, sedating and medicating everyone through varieties of screen, hiding reality behind these new technical condoms that prevent you ever accessing Life.

This is Samsara, sansar, and sansara the fantasy view of reality that traps the individualised consciousness in this packaged, compartmentalized life in such a way as to hide reality from ourselves and other people. Samsara results from ignorance, a misconception of actual reality, a lack of appreciation of the limited breaths that will be your life.

You are here for a purpose, to know your purpose, you need first to wake up from your dream. The dream only finishes when one wakes up…. when will you wake up? on your last breath?