The increasing uncertainties around us are leading to unprecedented levels of anxiety, stress and depression as many people try to make ends meet, struggle with personal health issues with little or no way out of their despair. The medical systems are more about profiting through treatment pathways, than providing real solutions to eliminate the causes of mental and emotional health issues.

This expert webinar is designed to empower individuals with real solutions to eliminate the causes of mental and emotional health issues, by understanding how the mind creates anxiety, stress which leads to depression and despair,  It will offer practical techniques on implementing effective solutions to undo the causes of unhealthy anxiety and stress.  It is aimed for individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing.

In this webinar session, the following topics will be discussed:

  • Understanding the mind
  • How the mind creates suffering
  • How to undo mental suffering and distress
  • Discovering own internal power and resilience

Language: English

Cost: No Charge


Dav Panesar

Pioneering contemplative practices for health and wellbeing

Dav Panesar is consciousness specialist, a mind-body medicine advocate, pioneer of mindfulness & contemplative based health intervention, He is the founder of Gurmat psycho-spiritual therapy and a prominent figure in transpersonal (psycho-spiritual) & transformative health and wellness medicine, as well as a Public speaker. 

His approach to mental and emotional health has enabled thousands of individuals to eliminate the causes of mental and emotional ill health, enabling them to regain control of their health and wellbeing.  His expertise in the nature of the mind, meditation, science and mind-body medicine together with over 25 years of experience has earned him international respect and recognition, making him and his approaches highly sought after.

Dav is the founder of Gurmat Psychology, a psycho-spiritual framework created  over the past 25 years within the the field of consciousness-based approach to optimising physical, mental, emotional and transpersonal or psycho-spiritual health, wellbeing and human-evolution.


Session Schedule


December 2019


10:00 am   New York (USA - New York)
7:00 pm     San Francisco (USA - California)
3:00 pm     London (United Kingdom)
4:00 pm     Paris (France - Île-de-France)



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