Davinder Singh Panesar


Visionary, Disrupter, Revolutionary, Leading Mindfulness,
Psycho-spiritual, Transpersonal Health, Consciousness Studies
& Human Development


Re-defining health, well-being & what it means to be human.  

Specialist in transforming personal and transpersonal health, wellness and actualizing human potential

Dav Panesar pioneering Gurmat Therapy, Hridya Medicine, consciousness specialist, a mind-body medicine advocate, pioneer of psycho-spiritual mindfulness & contemplative based health intervention, He is the founder of Gurmat psycho-spiritual therapy and a prominent figure in transpersonal (psycho-spiritual) & transformative health and wellness medicine, as well as a Public speaker.

He is one of the pioneers of mindfulness and contemplative based health interventions in the UK, with over 30 years of experience in developing, teaching and working with psycho-spiritual mindfulness, consciousness based approaches and models within the health, public and the private sector that has earned him international respect and recognition, making him and his approaches highly sought after.

Dav is the founder of Gurmat Psychology, a psycho-spiritual framework created  over the past 30 years within the the field of consciousness-based approach to optimising physical, mental, emotional and transpersonal or psycho-spiritual health, wellbeing and human-evolution.

Gurmat Therapy has demonstrated itself to be highly effective in addressing both psychological and transpersonal needs, including depression, anxiety, stress as well as spiritual emergence and spiritual emergencies.

This work on Gurmat can been viewed here Gurmat-psychology 


Sikhism 2017 Edition | Editors: Arvind-Pal Singh Mandair
Dav is an acclaimed expert in meditation, mind, consciousness studies and holistic non-ego based psychotherapy, as cited in Springers Encyclopedia of Sikhism 2017.

Under the guidance and teachings of several self-realised masters over his lifetime, Dav has developed a highly effective personal & transpersonal health & wellness approach, which has enabled thousands of individuals a safe and effective route to regaining their health and well being.

Dav has a scientific background with degrees in chemistry and microbiology, and Masters in Transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies. This unique combination of science, psychology combined with experiential training and guidance from both his academic peers and his highly esteemed teachers have made him and his work highly contemporary, incredibly effective and enlightening.. He is an expert in Eastern psychology, which together with science, psychology and mindfulness, combined with experiential training and guidance from both his academic peers and his highly esteemed teachers have made him and his work highly contemporary, incredibly effective and enlightening. Dav is a highly successful entrepreneur who has dedicated his life since retiring from business to promote holistic approaches to health, wellbeing and the development of human potential.

He is a co-founder and and a mindfulness & transpersonal health adviser to Diabetes Digital Health Ltd. Diabetes.co.uk.

Diabetes.co.uk have enabled over 200,000 people to reduce, reverse or place diabetes type II into remission, through a revolutionary online free 10 week low carb program. The results from this were so spectacular, that this approach and the results were featured on the front page of the New Scientist in June 2016, in addition to making the front pages of the Times, daily mail and other main stream new outlets. Proving the it is possible of reversing Diabetes type II ñ A water shed project that has worldwide implications.

Dav is a visionary whose track record and results speak for themselves.

Only a flame can light another! With the grace, blessings and teaching of these inspiring enlightened infernos, can i share a glimpse of their perennial wisdom..may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful, may you always be safe….