Community Development

Dav has been engaged in community development for over 30 years. His ground-breaking work on community development plan in 1997 laid the foundational path for the development of community capacity in the Sikh communities across the UK.

Examples of major Sikh institutions in the UK that have used the Sikh action plan template for the development include:-
Mr Mandala and Chandan, representatives of Guru Nanak Niskaam Sewa Jatta acquired the Sikh action plan in 1997. The implementation of the Sikh action plan can be found at these prominent organisations:

Guru Nanak Niskaam Sewa Jatta ( ,
Community organization and community capacity developed by Dav include:-

Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick where Dav was responsible for securing over £800K from ERDF funds during the late 1990’s
Ramgarhia Sikh temple, Coventry. Dav secured £175k from the National lottery funds for project focusing on disabled members of the community.
Dav together with Henley College, Coventry University and the local community organization established a Multilingual Telematic Marketing project which re-trained long term unemployed members from minority communities to find employment as multiligual telemarketers for large commercial organizations.
In addition to securing £321k from ESF and ERDF funds, he also developed several bespoke NVQ qualifications

The Sikh action plans were developed based following quantitative research of over 600 Sikh families in Coventry. Research identified the community needs not just in the West midlands, but across the UK.

A copy of the Sikh action plan can be found here:

Sikh Action Plan 1997-2002 – Coventry

Sikh Action Plan 2000- 2005 Sandwell