Depression – Understanding its causes and anti-dote

OVERCOMING DEPRESSION Understanding its’ cause and anti-dote


Depression is one of the fastest growing mental illnesses in the world today and amongst the most expensive medical conditions and within the next 20 years, more people will be impacted by depression than any other health problem.

Those who do not understand the mind cannot understand mental illness. The webinar will provide a unique understanding of the mind, and how one creates their own suffering through ignorance.  When one understands the cause, one has the key to take control and regain their health and wellbeing

This unique webinar focuses on the causes of depression and meditation (inc mindfulness) based approaches to overcome depression.


16th October 2019

6:00 pm     London (United Kingdom)
1:00 pm   New York (USA - New York)
10:00 pm     San Francisco (USA - California)
7:00 pm     Paris (France - Île-de-France)