Gurmat Psychospiritual Therapy

With the blessings, guidance and direct teachings from several self-realised Masters, with traceable lineage from the wisdom traditions of Sikh & Buddhist mystics, Dav, over the past 25 years has worked to uncover a profound psycho-spiritual approach (nature of mind, psychological, mind-body interactions, and transpersonal or spiritual growth) to optimum health, wellbeing and self-development contained in the wisdom teachings of his masters and the teaching of their authentic masters in Sri Guru Grant Sahib.

The end product of the Gurmat therapy approach is to address the central and essential question, “How to cultivate optimum human health (mental, physical, emotional and transpersonal (spiritual health), wellbeing and fulfill human potential?”.

Gurmat therapy is a unqiue approach to optimum health, unlike other intervention such as CBT, talk therapy, psychoanalysis, ACT that focus on “rearranging” the content of the mind (thoughts, opinions and beliefs), Gurmat therapy focuses on knowing the mind, recognising mind-body interactions and through bespoke personal practices address the root cause of our anxiety, depression, stress and related disorders, namely, our mind, of more specifically, the process of our thinking, our self-image, self-identity and recognizing the nature of ones mind.

addresses to overcome barriers to our self development, optimum health and wellbeing, illnesses such as depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological and emotional issues. Dav has developed effective experiential retreats, workshops and courses that enable individuals to move towards self-actualisation, self-realisation and finally, self-sovereignty.

A brief introduction to Gurmat Psycho-spiritual therapy

Dav has been delivering this developed a series of 7 Gurmat based psycho-spiritual self-transformational retreats to enable the process to awakening, integrating, actualizing and expressing their creativity, their humanness.

“To be human is to know death, to know death is to know the ego, to know the ego is to transcend the ego, to transcend the ego is to be divine”

The retreats are designed to enable participants to understand, recognise and cultivate specific states of being, through awareness development practices and techniques. Through the continuation of the practices introduced in the retreats, participants are prepared for subsequent retreats. This series of retreats have been designed to enable the cultivation of physical, mental and emotional health, to access our essential nature or Mool roop, your essential nature. These retreats have enabled many to awaken.

The first retreat focuses on Sat, the nature of authenticity. Cultivating your path to self-discovery. This retreat is designed to enable individuals to recognise their identities subjectively at a physical, mental, emotional and presence levels. This retreat explores the nature of reality, (Tat), the nature of our minds, conditioning and its impact on our worldview, engagement, health and wellbeing. This retreat enables you to discover your inner most desires and transform your motivation towards achieving those desires

The second retreat focuses on Santokh (contentment) and Sat Santokh (contentment as an unchanging stage of consciousness)– the cultivation of contentment through effective contemplative and meditative techniques and practices. This retreat introduces the practices of right-mindfulness, (Symran), cultivation of present moment awareness through to Presence, unified interconnectedness and ultimately enable individuals to access various states of Gyan (Jhana). Developing a peaceful mind

The third and fourth retreats focus on emotional intelligence and emotional wisdom. They are designed to heal unhealthy psycho-emotional states, heal traumas, learn to let go, overcome self-imposed barriers and create both healthier and more satisfying life choices. The third retreat focuses on healing unhealthy emotions and trauma, reducing fear, anger and stress through the cultivation of self-compassion and compassion. This powerful retreat helps individuals recognise compassion as a felt experienced for both themselves and Existence itself. This retreat offers powerful practices that are designed to cultivate and apply compassion and self-compassion in everyday life.

The fourth retreat focuses of emotional wisdom, emotional physiology and emotional health. This retreat helps cultivate positive psycho-emotional states of gratitude, joy and forgiveness. This retreat introduces the value of thoughts and emotions in creating reality, and manifestation.

The fifth retreat focuses on discovering your specific ethical lifestyle, one in which you discover your own personal values, your personal philosophy and internal ethics.

The sixth retreat focuses on awakening spiritual vision, by uncovering and awakening your authentic self, wisdom and expression. This retreat is designed to awaken your spiritual vision, to enable you to experience and recognise your own sacredness. This retreat is designed to enable a deeper connection with yourself, others, nature and Existence.

Our final retreat brings together all the elements of the previous retreats to enable participants to combine their experiences and understanding towards self-actualisation, authenticity, creativity and expression.
These retreats have enabled hundreds of individuals to discover their personal path to uncover their sacred self.