Mindfulness and Diabetes

In 2010 Dav together with experts from Diabetes.co.uk designed a comprehensive mindfulness based program for people with Diabetes. This innovative courses breaks new ground by including the impact of unhealthy mental states such as anger, stress, anxiety or depression on the physiology of diabetes patients. The courses is founded on mind-body science, and mind-body medicine. The “Diabetes management with Mindfulness DMM” program provides individuals with four steps towards regaining health and wellbeing.

Stop & Repair

Help you stop the continuous psychological “threat” cycle“ Switch off” stress & anxiety & “switch on” calmness and tranquility

Restore & revive

Awaken your inner resources and help maintain, strengthen and deepen healthier and wholesome psychological and emotional states

Reinforce & re-energize

Switch on super-emotions known to help improve body’s immune system and sense of well being


exploring the impact of having a chronic condition like diabetes on identity, sense of self, relationships life, death and aspects of individual meaning.