Mindfulness Research

Right-mindfulness and extraordinary experiences

Consistent meditation practice will inevitable lead one towards the attainment of extraordinary abilities that are the products of their meditation advancement. What do we mean by extraordinary? There are 18 such extraordinary abilities which are divided into two categories, those that are minor such as Clairvoyance. (ability to glimpse a future event), Clairaudience. (ability to hear) telepathy, premonition (knowing events before they occur) and the major ones, which include, healing, achieving and manifesting desires and goals, in addition to several others.


Collective meditation and group impact

A qualitative study of self-perceived effects of mindfulness meditation within a group. This ongoing study focuses on the progressive impact of meditation on individuals who practice collectively. The impact of meditation on social stress, individual sense of self, relationships and authenticity.
The first study by Luck Randall, Coventry University 2018

Impact of meditation on diet

A qualitative study of the impact of meditation on individuals dietary changes. Over the past 10 years of teaching meditation, it has been observed that a significant number of individuals have reported a change in their diet, identifying sensitivities towards certain types of foods. This piece of research in partnership with the Flame centre for mindfulness, holistic health and wellbeing endeavors to identify the link between meditation including mindfulness on diet.