Pioneering Mindfulness Events

Pioneering Global Educational Meditation Events - Beyond Mindfulness

Dav together with the Flame Centre have established 6 annual international mindfulness events (2013 - 2018) at world famous centre of peace and reconciliation Coventry Cathedral. The events are designed to provide proper understanding of the application, impact and personal transformation that mindfulness (meditation) initiates.

The current provision of "mindfulness" being offered by all sundry is at best irresponsible and at worst negligent as it does not provide any ongoing support or understanding of transpersonal impact of mindfulness on individuals.

These practical and educational events bring together world experts in consciousness studies, transpersonal development, neuroscience, psychotherapy and authentic wisdom traditions with real , case studies and collective participation.

These events have been revolutionary in introducing mindfulness (meditation) and its impact on self-transformation, self-development and growth.

2013 Mindfulness & mind-body medicine


The event focused on the limitations of current bio-medical models in failing to recognise mind-body medicine and mind-body connection.

The vent introduce case studies that demonstrated the impact of mindfulness and chi-kung on their physical health and wellbeing.

Dav drew on science, psychology, consciousness studies, human development, spirituality, new physics and time-tested wisdom traditions to bring together authentic practices and their application in our present modern-day life for health, wellbeing and progress.





2014 Mindfulness and Self compassion,


Building on the resounding success of last year’s,   “Mindfulness at Coventry Cathedral 2013” event, organised by the Flame Centre and its partners, this  year’s event goes a step further and integrates two of the most powerful healing techniques, mindfulness and  compassion based therapies.

This ground breaking event is a unique opportunity to  participate in pioneering mindfulness and compassion based approaches to human health and wellness.

The event includes case studies, live music and an open  presentation with mindfulness expert Dav Panesar and Eduardo Pitchon, which integrates contemplative practices of mindfulness and compassion with clinical evidence, cutting edge scientific research, psychology and experiential case-studies, demonstrating their enormous and overwhelming health benefits and cultivation of  authenticity and personal spirituality.




2015 Mindfulness & neuroscience with Dr Amy Bilderbeck from Oxford University Mindfulness Centre.

Building on the resounding success of the past two years’, “Mindfulness & Compassion at Coventry Cathedral” events  organised by the Flame Centre and its partners, this year’s
event bridges science and mindfulness meditation. Neurology and neuroplasticity are two of the newest and fastest growing areas in the science of meditation. Neuroscientific research suggests Meditation not only changes our mind but also our physical brain and more!

This ground breaking event is a unique opportunity to  participate in pioneering mindfulness and compassion based approaches to human health and wellness, backed by science,  medicine and clinical application.




2016 Mindfulness & Personal Transformation with Dr Miguel Frias

The event explored the "Mcdolnalds" version of mindfulness current being offered as "mindfulness" in contrast to Wholesome or right-mindfulness, and the contra-indications associated with mindfulness.

This ground breaking event includes case studies, live  music and an open presentation with mindfulness transpersonal psychotherapist Dav Panesar  and researcher reader in Cognitive & Biological Psychology, Dr Miguel Farias from Coventry University.

This unique event will explore mindfulness in relation to personal transformation and the contra-indications associated with meditation, combining scientific  research, psychology and experiential case studies.

Dr Miguel Farias specialises in the study of spiritual practices and beliefs. He has a doctorate in Experimental Psychology from Oxford University, an MA on the Study of Religious Experience from the University of Wales, and currently leads the Brain, Belief, and Behaviour Group at Coventry University. He is the co-author of ‘The Buddha Pill: Can Meditation Change You?”, a book that explores and challenges ideas about the benefits of meditation.

Dav Panesar, author of Gurmat Therapy, and a pioneer of right-mindfulness based intervention in health and personal with over 25 years of personal experience, direct lineage authentic spiritual (self-realized) masters development focused on both the contra-indications (side effects) associated with meditation, "experiential signposts" key markers such as emergence of compassion, role of ethics in mental health and human flourishing.



2017 Mindfulness & Spiritual Intelligence with world expert Professor Les Lancaster.
The event explored consciousness and transpersonal development associated with mindfulness,


The Flame's national events are revolutionising health and wellness. The  5th ground breaking event includes real life case studies sharing their
transformational experiences, challenges and discovering solutions.

Professor Les Lancaster specialises in the study of consciousness studies and transpersonal psychology and Dav Panesar, one of the pioneers of mindfulness based intervention in health and personal development, will explore the process of Spiritual Intelligence with mindfulness as well as the growth indicators.The highlight of the event will be a collective Mindfulness  and Compassion based meditation.

Spiritual intelligence is a higher dimension of intelligence that is rooted in consciousness-based approaches, and provides a secular and life affirming approach to spirituality that activates the qualities and capabilities of the authentic self, in the form of wisdom, compassion, integrity, joy, love, creativity, and peace.



2018 Mindfulness & Extraordinary experiences.

The 6th ground breaking event includes real life case studies sharing their transformational experiences, challenges and discovering solutions with Dr Jessica Bockler, PhD, applied performance artist and transpersonal psychologist with a passionate interest in expressive arts and sacred ritual for consciousness evolution.

In her work she combines physical theatre, dance and vocal work with martial arts and mindfulness practices. Jessica leads Creative Alternatives, an arts and mental  health service which operates in Merseyside, UK. Jessica is also  a Founding Director of the Alef Trust, a global learning provider which  offers education programmes in consciousness studies, spirituality and transpersonal psychology.

Dav Panesar, one of the pioneers of mindfulness based intervention in health and personal development, will explore the understandings of “extraordinary” experiences  associated with meditation and the support required.

The highlights of the event will include an interactive experience designed to cultivate awareness of what may nurture greater balance and flow in your life, by that brings together deep insight into the body,  flow of the breath and playing with rhythm and sound, as we collectively bathe in the beauty of vocal resonance.