The OX Herder

Dav has developed a unique self-development program consists of 10 workshops over a period of 10 months, one half day workshop per month, in which participants are introduced to a series of “steps” to guide them to cultivate deeper insights and contentment towards the realization of one’s true.

Each workshop focus on enabling participants to understand and experientially cultivate healthy and positive psychological states and learn how to positively transform self-image, increase self-esteem, get a deeper and better understanding of yourself, your life and discover meaning and purpose.

The OX herder is an early teaching in the Ch’an/Zen tradition. Ox herding was a useful metaphor for training the mind.

There is the story of a monk working in the kitchen when his master came in and asked what he was doing. He replied ‘Just herding the ox’.
The master responded ‘How are you herding it?’.
The monk replied ‘Every time the ox tries to wander off the way to eat grass, I rein it in and put it back to work’.
The Ox herder has been used over the past 1000 years by succeeding generations of Ch’an (Zen & Taoist) masters to assist their students to progress toward self-realization, enlightenment and self-sovereignty. It is with this intention that this unique and exclusive program has been developed.

“The Ox herder”, a Zen approach which illustrates the stages of one’s progression towards the healing of mind and emotions as well as the subsequent engaging into the world out of wisdom, compassion and ethics. Taking participants through ten stages and states of personal journey and self-discovery, arriving at their centre.

The Ox-Herder workshop will teach Right-Mindfulness, psychotherapy and self-development techniques.

This unique transformative practical set of workshop guides you to explore and discover the path to their own centre.