Personal Health & Wellbeing

Dav has created a revolutionary 21st century approach to healthcare and personal development. Incorporating physical, mental, emotional and transpersonal health and wellness. His mission is simple: The fulfillment of your human potential, learn to live well and enable others to live well.

He has been pioneering mindfulness based health intervention since 1995. His first course was taught at Coventry University in the mid 1990’s, “Stress Management thru Mindfulness meditation”.

His unique combination and specialism in mind-body medicine, eastern psychological models, transpersonal psychology, psycho-spiritual science and contemplative studies have made his approach contemporary, effective and highly sought after.

Dav has developed and delivered courses, workshops and retreats that take individuals from right mindfulness into, self-actualization, self-realisation and finally self-sovereignty.

His approach has enabled and empowered many thousands of people to regain control of their physical, mental, emotional health and wellbeing by transforming unhealthy psycho emotional states, such as depression, anxiety, stress into positive or healthier states such as contentment, compassion, optimism, joy and acceptance.

The mindfulness courses & workshops cultivate sustainable feelings of contentment and tranquility, while the Metta retreat catalyzes self-compassion, improve self-esteem, self-worth and self-image. They help develop, embed and mature the skills of mindfulness together with self-compassion and acceptance.

His “Transforming life thru mindfulness” and the “Metta” retreats are the foundational retreats that not only enable you to regain control over your health and wellbeing, but provide the catalyst for the transpersonal health and wellness, leading to cultivate lasting happiness, health and fulfillment of your human potential.

These two foundational practices are the preparation for the awe and transformative fulfillment of discovering the sacred jewel within you, your transpersonal health.

Transforming mental and emotional health

From negative emotions -> transforming into neutral states-> transforming into positive emotions-> cultivating engagement leading to relationships within oneself, others, nature and beyond giving rise to meaning, purpose and sense of achievement and life satisfaction.